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Denbigh-based Pall-Ex member Mars-Jones Ltd has invested in its future through a number of exciting new developments; including the installation of a freight-protecting canopy.

Anthony Marshall, transport manager at Mars-Jones commented: “Battling the elements at work is par for the course for a busy logistics company. We have over thirty employees who manage hundreds of deliveries during a 24-hour period. Previously, vehicles were unloading in the area outside of our four warehouses.

“With all four warehouse doors leading into one courtyard area, it made sense to install a canopy covering the span from one warehouse to another to shelter the courtyard. Not only does it allow easy access between all four warehouses, but it also creates an area suitable for the loading and unloading of our customers’ products with the safe knowledge that the pallets will remain dry and undamaged by the elements.”

The Pall-Ex depot has also invested in the development of a new website, which is currently in the testing stage with plans in place to launch the website in summer 2016, and has added a brand-new £120K Moffett vehicle to its fleet, branded with its customer UK Fire Doors’ livery.

Speaking about the new website, Anthony said: “We have a website at the minute, but wanted a more modernised digital platform which could allow us to better interact with our potential and existing customers. The new system will allow us to quickly and easily add or change content, and will also enable viewers to access the website on various devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and widescreen desktops, whilst keeping the website content proportionate. It will also feature a customer login portal, which will allow them to view stock levels within our warehouse as well as track the delivery status of their consignments via our own live TMS, Road Runner.”

About their new Moffett vehicle, he added: “Previously we had only one Moffett vehicle, and with an increased demand for such a vehicle, it made sense for us to invest in another. The one we had already was in such high demand that it was constantly booked out, leaving us no choice but to turn work away which, of course, was not an ideal situation.

“We made the choice to brand the vehicle with UK Fire Doors’ livery. As one of our main customers to use the Moffett vehicle, it has enabled us to further strengthen our ties with them and secure a new contract as their business continues to grow.”

Tim Askew, managing director at UK Fire Doors added: “UK Fire Doors’ relationship with Mars-Jones is one of long-term partnership, working together for the best outcome in terms of customer service and cost efficiencies. They handle all our distribution needs and have done for eight years. Prior to our partnership with them, we suffered unreliable service and product damage with our previous distribution arrangements, which obviously had a knock-on effect on our customer service and costs, which was unacceptable. New management at Mars-Jones had brought with it a renewed focus on customer service, which was the key feature we were concerned with when we were looking for a new distribution partner.

“We have re-affirmed our commitment to Mars-Jones recently as UK Fire Doors is expanding and now manufacturing from multiple sites.  Mars-Jones gives us the confidence to move forward with our expansion plans, knowing that our distribution needs are being met and are in very safe hands. 

“The new Moffett vehicle branded with our livery not only advertises our brand but also adds to the professional nature of our deliveries.”


For more information about Mars-Jones, visit: http://www.mars-jones.co.uk/
To find more about UK Fire Doors, visit: http://firedoors.co.uk/