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Hi, I’m Georgina Thornton, an apprentice at A.D.D. Express (Pall-Ex depot 73).

I began my NVQ Level 2 in business administration at 18-years-old, two years ago, after finishing my A-levels at college and coming to the decision that university wasn’t for me. At 15 I worked in a fish-and-chip shop and have always been very motivated to work and make my parents proud. An apprenticeship seemed to be the best option for me to continue learning in a work-based environment.

Once I heard about the apprenticeship opportunity, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for it. To get the process started, all I had to do was fill in a few forms and sit an exam. Before I knew it I had three interviews lined up. After all three companies offered to take me on, it wasn’t hard to come to the conclusion that A.D.D. Express was where I wanted to work.

I started without any real knowledge of the business, but was really excited to learn as much as I could. In the first week I was trained on the phones and was given a few little tasks to do so that I could get used to the new environment. Everybody was so patient with me, and understood my struggle with certain tasks. They always managed to help me complete tasks I found challenging.

I was welcomed into the A.D.D. family with open arms, and have always been encouraged to ask questions if I’m unsure. From the start Dave, Pete and Alyson all really seemed to believe in me, which made me a much stronger and more confident person as time went on.

I attended college once a week, and A.D.D. were so accommodating that I could often do my college tasks during work hours if I needed to. Within the first few months, I had my own role to play in the team, with my own responsibilities and tasks to take care of – and I was the best tea and coffee maker in the company!

Within the first few months, I had my own role to play in the team, with my own responsibilities and tasks to take care of
Georgina Thornton

As my knowledge and confidence grew, I as a person grew with it. A real highlight for me was when another of Pall-Ex’s members told Dave Fairbrother, managing director at A.D.D. Express, that I was pleasure to speak to on the phone. That was during my first year, and being praised by somebody outside of the company was a real confidence-boost.

Just before I had finished the first year of my apprenticeship, I was offered a full-time job, and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind about taking it. I soon finished my NVQ Level 2 in business administration with amazing results, and went straight on to do my NVQ Level 3 in customer services.

Working with people from all over the country is one of my favourite parts of the job. I love the fact that, as a network, we all have such a close relationship with each of Pall-Ex’s members. Even though some of us have never met, and have only spoken on the phone, it feels like we’re a huge family.

When I first began my apprenticeship, I was an 18-year-old girl with little confidence. I often felt like I had nothing to offer an employer, and all I ever wanted to do was make something of myself. I can honestly say that choosing the apprenticeship route at A.D.D. Express was the best decision I have ever made. It has helped me to grow so much, and helped me to progress into the confident young woman that I am today.

A.D.D. have always treated me as an asset to the company rather than a junior, and I cannot thank the team enough for the opportunity that I was given, and I have now sent off for my Level 3 apprenticeship results.

I’ve learnt a tremendous amount, my daily task list has continued to grow, and I’m so pleased that the company puts so much trust in me. I even won employee of the year in 2015! The advice and skills that I have gained from my apprenticeship will take me a long way. The sky is my limit, and I hope to continue progressing and go far at A.D.D. Express.

Georgina Thornton, A.D.D. Express


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