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Hi, I’m Yasmin Powell. I’m a business administration apprentice at Aaron Logistics (Pall-Ex depot 15), and will have been doing my apprenticeship for four months at the end of March.

When I left school at sixteen, I went to college for a year and didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped. I decided that I’d much prefer to do my learning whilst working; although I would still like to go to university at some point, once I have completed my NVQ’s.

When I first saw the apprenticeship at Aaron Logistics advertised, I wasn’t really sure what the company actually did. So, I decided I would look the company up and find out for myself! Once I’d done my research, I was really interested in the position and applied for it.

Lee Gorton, depot principal, explained everything about the company to me in further detail during my interview and after that I was even keener – the thought of every day being different and bringing new challenges was so exciting.

On a daily basis, I take on a wide variety of responsibilities. I deal with calls from Pall-Ex hub staff and customers, enter consignments onto TWINE, which is Pall-Ex’s bespoke IT-solution for members, check proof of delivery documents (PODs) and monitor our drivers to ensure goods are delivered on time, and make sure that drivers have uploaded PODs. I also take on general admin duties and, of course, make lots of cups of tea!

Although I have only been at Aaron Logistics for a short time, I’ve already become a much more confident person
Yasmin Powell

Although I have only been at Aaron Logistics for a short time, I’ve already become a much more confident person; I was always really shy whilst growing up, but I feel that being at Aaron Logistics has changed that. I’ve also developed my Outlook, Word and Excel skills through completing my NVQ assignments and using each software on a daily basis.

I feel as though I have picked up the company’s policies and procedures quickly, and I’m confident in my ability to carry out my job role proficiently. I love the wide variety of people that I get to communicate with as part of my job, and especially enjoy getting to tell the drivers what to do!

The most difficult aspect of my job is definitely dealing with irate customers. Sometimes it can be difficult to calm them down, but I always manage to get the situation under control and reassure them that any issue they have will be sorted as soon as possible.

My tutor visits me at Aaron Logistics on a monthly basis, and I’m given assessments to do. I’m hoping to continue making progress with my NVQ, and am keen to complete relevant courses through Aaron Logistics as well. I’ve already completed a dangerous goods awareness course, and I have no doubt that my apprenticeship, and my time at Aaron Logistics, will help me go far.

Yasmin Powell, Aaron Logistics


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