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Hi my name is Eve. I’m 15 years old, from Gloucestershire, and have just finished a week at Pall-Ex on work experience.

Initially I was very excited to have gained my placement at such a high-profile company, as most people I knew were just doing small jobs very locally. It definitely felt like I was going to be gaining experience in areas that interested me, and that I could learn a lot from working at the company.

However, I didn’t expect to be so nervous. Coming into Pall-Ex and seeing the impressive glass staircase and grand entrance was very daunting. Even though I arrived with my dad, Pall-Ex Group managing director, I could still feel myself shaking as he introduced me to the receptionist and she gave me a visitor pass. The nerves didn’t last for very long though. Once I had been shown around, I was able to see how friendly and welcoming everyone was.

When I got into the marketing office I was greeted by marketing manager Holly, who introduced me to the team, Abby and Georgie. They were all really welcoming. I was given a few simple tasks to complete at first, like research and inputting data; but then I was given more challenging and creative tasks later on throughout the week, such as putting together the company’s weekly network newsletter “Direction” using InDesign, and creating a depot zone map using PhotoShop. It was really helpful to learn how to use different programs on the computer at the same time.

I was given more challenging and creative tasks later on throughout the week

I’ve enjoyed all of the work that I have done during my placement. I knew that I would enjoy myself and find the work interesting when I got my placement as I have chosen to take subjects such as GCSE Media Studies - I was really keen to find a placement that would link to something that I will be looking to do when I finish school.

On the second day, Abby and I travelled to Chester to visit Prodo Digital, Pall-Ex’s new digital partner, and review the draft designs that they have created for Pall-Ex’s new website. It was really interesting to see the difference between workplaces. Prodo was an extremely creative environment - one of their meeting rooms was based in an old caravan that had been decorated with bunting and fairy lights!

Whilst there, I enjoyed looking at the designs and listening to the discussions about the development of the new website and what else needed to be done. Everyone at Prodo was also very friendly. When something complicated had been discussed, Abby would break it down for me and explain so that I could understand, which was very inclusive and made me feel like I was actually part of the team.

I had a really good week working with Holly, Abby and Georgie. I’ve learnt some new skills that I’m sure will help me with my schoolwork and in the future, and felt very included and part of the marketing department. My week at Pall-Ex has been great!

stephen evans

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