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Pall-Ex's shareholder membership is for transport companies who are eager to innovate and succeed. 

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The unique quality-driven ethos of the Pall-Ex network coupled with a successful operational model enables your business to take full advantage of this well-proven logistics solution.

 Becoming a shareholder member will allow your business to become a local, national and international service provider to your customers with a range of pallet dimensions and service offerings all at an extremely competitive price. Our values are quality, innovation and passion for what we do, which underpin our business strategy and set us apart from the competition. Our growing network allows customers to send freight all over the UK and Europe by utilising our hub-to-hub connections, providing faster service with guaranteed delivery dates.

Membership is about working together to provide a seamless distribution solution for your customers’ needs at an effective cost in a fast-moving, consumer-driven market. 

Whether you are a large transport operator or a small family-owned business, the unique quality-driven ethos of Pall-Ex, coupled with our successful operational model, enables your business to thrive alongside ours."


  • ISO9001:2015 accreditation for network-wide quality
  • Quality technology solutions
  • Increased turnover and profits
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Cut your overheads
  • European distribution
  • Reduction in your carbon footprint

    We understand the decision to join a network has to benefit your business. Speak to the network team today to discuss this opportunity further.