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Pall-Ex aims to be as green and efficient as possible, by utilising our hub-and-spoke model we improve vehicle fill throughout the UK.

Cleaner and greener

Government studies have proven that the hub-and-spoke model provides a more efficient solution for distributing goods, whilst at the same time significantly reducing the carbon footprint of national freight distribution.

In fact, the operation of a pallet network is currently the most efficient form of road freight transportation available in terms of fuel and road usage. Pall-Ex works on the principle that the nearest haulier collects and delivers the freight, meaning the number of miles travelled is significantly reduced.

Charitable giving

Our Penny-a-Pallet scheme has been running since the launch of the network in 1996. For each pallet Pall-Ex delivers, one penny is donated to charity, allowing giving to grow in tandem with business success.